Tattoo Collection Festival (2017)| The best photos

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The festival «Tattoo Collection» is an annual international festival-sensation in the world of tattoos and piercings.




One of the most anticipated events this year.


The festival unites a lot of people from different countries of the world with one goal — to show the public that the tattoo is not a stereotyped «jail tattoo», but one of the forms of creativity on the human body.


Camera: Sony a6300 / Sigma 30 mm 1.4

More works u will find on my Facebook page

Three days of the festival:

DSC01493 DSC01512 DSC01519 DSC01522 DSC01541 DSC01542 DSC01546 DSC01551 DSC01554 DSC01580 DSC01585 DSC01587 DSC01595 DSC01606 DSC01614 DSC01620 DSC01635 DSC01653 DSC01668 DSC01678 DSC01683 DSC01687 DSC01725 DSC01736 DSC01741 DSC01750 DSC01751 DSC01755 DSC01760 DSC01764 DSC01779 DSC01782 DSC01784 DSC01792 DSC01806 DSC01832 DSC01836 DSC01839 DSC01863 DSC01870 DSC01906 DSC01916 DSC01918 DSC01935 DSC01939 DSC01959 DSC01987 DSC02000 DSC02012 DSC02016 DSC02029 DSC02035 DSC02042 DSC02048 DSC02054 DSC02064 DSC02074 DSC02077 DSC02078 DSC02106 DSC02109 DSC02112 DSC02115 DSC02119 DSC02133 DSC02152 DSC02174 DSC02186 DSC02190 DSC02210 DSC02223 DSC02225 DSC02229 DSC02247 DSC02250 DSC02276 DSC02281 DSC02285 DSC02291 DSC02294 DSC02295 DSC02304 DSC02308 DSC02316 DSC02352 DSC02371 DSC02587 DSC02606 DSC02627 DSC02686 DSC02828 DSC02840 DSC02845 DSC02866 DSC02893 DSC02917 DSC02936 DSC02955 DSC02978 DSC03047 DSC03060 DSC03075 DSC03092 DSC03121 DSC03145 DSC03196 DSC03211 DSC03216 DSC03224 DSC03261 DSC03279 DSC03328 DSC03369 DSC03425 DSC03469DSC03510 DSC03512 DSC03514 DSC03517 DSC03523 DSC03528 DSC03531 DSC03536 DSC03538 DSC03540 DSC03548 DSC03551 DSC03557 DSC03563 DSC03565 DSC03566 DSC03570 DSC03572 DSC03581 DSC03585 DSC03587 DSC03588 DSC03593 DSC03595 DSC03596 DSC03598 DSC03602 DSC03605 DSC03634 DSC03644 DSC03650 DSC03658 DSC03659 DSC03679 DSC03683 DSC03692 DSC03706 DSC03719 DSC03720 DSC03723 DSC03732 DSC03735 DSC03739 DSC03761 DSC03771 DSC03777 DSC03788 DSC03791 DSC03801 DSC03805 DSC03813 DSC03824 DSC03829 DSC03843 DSC03869 DSC03876 DSC03878 DSC03886 DSC03889 DSC03892 DSC03894 DSC03897 DSC03901 DSC03909 DSC03912 DSC03914 DSC03916 DSC03920 DSC03921 DSC03923 DSC03928 DSC03940 DSC03945 DSC03948 DSC03955 DSC03956 DSC03958 DSC03967 DSC03975 DSC03996 DSC04003 DSC04007 DSC04008 DSC04011 DSC04045 DSC04050 DSC04051 DSC04055 DSC04072 DSC04076 DSC04081 DSC04087 DSC04098DSC04379 DSC04380 DSC04382 DSC04384 DSC04386 DSC04389 DSC04390 DSC04394 DSC04396 DSC04398 DSC04399 DSC04407 DSC04410 DSC04420 DSC04423 DSC04463 DSC04492 DSC04529 DSC04532 DSC04538 DSC04540 DSC04543 DSC04547 DSC04550 DSC04552 DSC04555 DSC04557 DSC04567 DSC04569 DSC04570 DSC04575 DSC04576 DSC04578 DSC04580 DSC04581 DSC04582 DSC04583 DSC04590 DSC04596 DSC04601 DSC04607 DSC04608 DSC04611 DSC04614 DSC04615 DSC04647 DSC04658 DSC04663 DSC04667 DSC04677 DSC04678 DSC04682 DSC04695 DSC04703 DSC04704 DSC04710 DSC04717 DSC04719 DSC04723 DSC04731 DSC04735 DSC04744 DSC04748 DSC04755 DSC04761 DSC04766 DSC04770 DSC04773 DSC04788 DSC04793 DSC04795 DSC04800 DSC04808 DSC04818 DSC04822 DSC04823 DSC04829 DSC04833 DSC04844 DSC04851 DSC04858 DSC04863 DSC04882 DSC04891 DSC04919 DSC04924 DSC04926 DSC04932 DSC04939 DSC04953 DSC04960 DSC05199 DSC05201 DSC05209 DSC05217

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