Tattoo Collection Festival (2017)| The best photos

The festival «Tattoo Collection» is an annual international festival-sensation in the world of tattoos and piercings.




One of the most anticipated events this year.


The festival unites a lot of people from different countries of the world with one goal — to show the public that the tattoo is not a stereotyped «jail tattoo», but one of the forms of creativity on the human body.


Camera: Sony a6300 / Sigma 30 mm 1.4

More works u will find on my Facebook page

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Backstage |Vintage cars garage

This project focuses on a group of people vosstanavlivaya old Soviet cars with their hands in one of the garages of the city of Simferopol.

Location: Simferopol. Ukraine


It was already restored two cars: the GAZ 21 a convertible version and the GAZ 21 coupe.


The guys have big plans for the future. Coming soon a video telling more about them and their work.


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#VIBES : Best places for chilling in ur way

As corny as it may sound, but the «Birdhouse» — it’s a dream come true!

So, what is it? This is a fabulous small space, 4 tree house, 3 for company or family (4-5 people) and a secluded cottage for two people; hammocks and swings; tasty and healthy food, and most importantly — a place where we can take a lot of visitors!






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Wedding day: Valeria & Maxim

Continuation of my project — LOVERS FOREVER.

Beautiful and full of emotions wedding day with: Valeria and Maxim.

I can`t add all the photos, as well as to choose the best of them.

The script of the day was: a registry office with relatives and loved ones, a holiday quest through the city in a team of friends — to find a new apartment, and the guys mentioned housewarming.

I apologize for not completely accurate translation, wish to enjoy the photos from the day of the event.


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