Project #Vibes: Birdhouse — Cafe in the trees / Kiev. Ukraine



#Vibes | Best places to stay — independent author’s project, created primarily for you. This is a genuine recommendation to visit without commercial connotation and guile: only sincere emotions and the ideological heroes of my issues around the world.

I will look for the most interesting festivals, locations and institutions which will come on my way and to tell them to you.

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#VIBES : Best places for chilling in ur way

As corny as it may sound, but the «Birdhouse» — it’s a dream come true!

So, what is it? This is a fabulous small space, 4 tree house, 3 for company or family (4-5 people) and a secluded cottage for two people; hammocks and swings; tasty and healthy food, and most importantly — a place where we can take a lot of visitors!






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Wedding day: Valeria & Maxim

Continuation of my project — LOVERS FOREVER.

Beautiful and full of emotions wedding day with: Valeria and Maxim.

I can`t add all the photos, as well as to choose the best of them.

The script of the day was: a registry office with relatives and loved ones, a holiday quest through the city in a team of friends — to find a new apartment, and the guys mentioned housewarming.

I apologize for not completely accurate translation, wish to enjoy the photos from the day of the event.


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«Tattoo Collection» — is a magnificent event for active, ambitious people who are used to spending time outside the box. And as for the true lovers and fans of tattoo art, for those whose life is unthinkable without art tattoos.

«Tattoo Collection» will delight visitors and non-standard festival shows, new faces in the world of tattoo, unique works of artists who are nominated in competitions with prizes and interactive show bikers, musical performances commands and many other surprises.
20-22 May 2016 at the Art Factory Platform, at the address. White Sea, 1, held an annual festival «Tattoo Collection».

During three days the visitors and participants will be able to recharge the festival atmosphere of drive «Tattoo Collection», meet interesting people art make heart tattoo or piercing, take part in competitions and compete for the grand prize «Golden Mashine» and well relax, get a lot of positive emotions and good mood!

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Kurazh Bazar — is a place where intersection of those who you know from morning airwaves and hunters for the new old things will be as usual. The place where everyone can open their own store just for one day and sell out all their belongings, something that their don’t need anymore and earn money for this.

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«Vsі.Svoї» — is a specialized market, which is dedicated only to clothes, shoes and accessories. Nothing extra. Nothing will detract from the shopping — it’s a great opportunity to update your wardrobe for the good price and find a new favorite brands — a very good location convenience store — large and bright D12 gallery room, which is located in the heart of recreational Andrew’s descent — fitting rooms, mirrors, music, drinks , recreation areas do not miss out!

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