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KIRILL VASILEV – Travel & Lifestyle photographer. Videographer.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine and available to travel – worldwide.

Photography — my hobby, my work, that’s what takes up all my time, my choice.I first picked up a camera when I was 20 years old. I love how photography tells a story with one picture and everyone, including myself, can interpret it differently. The instant gratification of photography will always keep me interested. I am constantly visualizing and thinking up ideas, and i take my shoots very seriously. I`m up visualizing each shot, sometimes creating a full storyboard.

How i work?

It is very important for me to take jobs that reflect my personal style. I think its extremely important to make the client and models feel very comfortable, playing music during the shoot, having a glass of wine with the crew if need be. Also going over every last detail with the client so we are both on the same page, leaving only good surprises with the end result…

I spend my free time by surround myself with interesting people, reading books, watching old classic films and shooting street photography.

What time period inspires me: 60s of the United States,  Woodstock 69.

Photographers who inspire me: Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh, Guy Bourdin.

Psychological type  —  introvert.

LOCATIONS WHICH I VISITED: Sri Lanka / Egypt / Maldives