The story of YUKO begins when Yulia Yurina met Stas Koroliov in 2016 on the song contest show «Golos krainy», on the initiative of their mentor Ivan Dorn artists began to create their own music together — the synthesis of Ukrainian folk and electronics.

On the stage, Stas and Yulia are a single, well-coordinated organism that generates so much energy that it can easily suffice a small town. YUKO uses authentic Ukrainian folk songs, collected by folklorists and Julia herself in different parts of the country.

The single «Masha» brought the first fame to the band in February 2017, followed up with the «Schebetuha» EP in spring. After summer festivals the band released their debut psychedelic video for the song «Zayenka» and later in the Autumn — a full-length album «Ditch», which summed up the year-long existence of YUKO.

 Among the future YUKO performances — GusGus warming-up in Lviv, concert on the same stage with Gorillaz and Massive Attack at the UPark festival and the first performance on European festival Wschód Kultury in Poland.